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Eco-Friendly Passivation kit for Stainless Steel

Product Description

Eco-responsible Passivation Kit 

Don't entrust your passivation project to inexperienced hands. Empower yourself with the KP Eco-Responsible Passivation Kit and take control. Our comprehensive set equips you with all the essential tools and products needed to execute a successful passivation process, ensuring optimal results. By opting for our eco-responsible solution, you are not only achieving your goals but also making a positive impact on the environment. Leave nothing to chance and embark on your passivation journey with unwavering confidence using the KP Eco-Responsible Passivation Kit.

This set includes:

  • KPNOX18 GEL - 4 x 500 ML
  • KPCLEAN - 4 x 500 ML
  • KPNOX11GEL - 4 x 500 ML
  • FERROXYL KIT10 in 
  • NON-METALLIC acid-resistant Brush


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