With our innovative environmentally conscious approach to metal surface treatment, Kemplus has developed chemical pickling and passivation products which make cleaning and restoring stainless steel surfaces safer, smarter and easier.

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Kemplus prides itself on being readily available to customers. In addition to answering any questions you may have about our stainless steel and other metal treatment products, we provide personalized services on request, from product application to testing and certification.

Gentler on the earth

Gentler On The Earth

Look for this logo on our products for more environmentally responsible options.

Safer to use

Safer To Use

Look for this logo on our products for safer, people-friendly options.

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Antidote Available

All KPREDINOX products come bundled with an ANTIDOTE that can be used in case of accident as well as for routine cleaning. The kit also includes a high-quality acid-resistant brush.

Ferroxyl Available

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